Do you ever consider how the internet affects our life?

Can you envision just how numerous things have transformed since the advent of the internet? A variety of factors of our life we take for granted are today so much much more convenient.

The retail industry is actually one that has seen a bunch of variations due to the introduction of the web in its domain: only take into consideration how much of our shopping, nowadays, is done on the internet, in the era of next-day shipping and large retail platforms that are solely based online. From virtual formats, like in the case of books, that merely require downloading as an alternative for shipping a tangible great, to clothes, with easy returns to make sure that you can find exactly your size, basically everything might be bought online, a clear example of how the internet has changed the business world. The backing of eBay’s activist shareholder also indicates how some of the first online retail services, where users can sell items along with purchase them, are very much thriving to this day. The fact that the internet makes second-hand retail easier is also a nice thing with regards to the environment, reducing waste caused from disposal and manufacturing.

If you discover yourself pondering, how has the internet changed the world positively? One of the answers certainly lies in the practicality with which we can retrieve services that help us perform our everyday errands. Think, for instance, of managing your bank account: a few decades back, to send a transfer payment, you potentially would actually have had to physically go to the bank, or make a phonecall and talk to someone on the other end. Nowadays, a lot of the provider in this sphere are available online, thanks to reliable security measures, which exceptionally beneficial for people with chaotic schedule or even for those that may discover it hard to move from house, like the elderly: this is surely among the positive effects of internet in our daily lifestyle. Figures like Monzo’s equity funders actually have even rendered it possible for entire financial organisations to be based completely online.

Answering the query of how has the web altered our lives, one domain that has obviously been influenced is that of the media: previously we would rely on a television schedule to watch our favourite programmes or follow the news, but nowadays a lot of the content we consume is based online and accessible to us at any time, from any location! The interest of one among Netflix’s major shareholders is absolutely an indication of the growth of this phenomenon, giving us an interesting observation on the use of internet and its effects today. This shift in platform is likewise gradually affecting other spheres, like that of marketing, which will obviously have to adapt to brand-new formats.

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